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Blooming Park


“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” - Robert Schuller

Being a teen is ROUGH! The transition from childhood to adulthood, navigating friendships and romantic relationships, the increase of demands and responsibilities, pressures from school, deciding whether or not to seek employment, puberty, changing relationships in the family, and learning how to manage time between work, school, friends, and family. Not to mention MOODS! One minute you’re happy, the next angry, then sad, then confused and/or worried. IT NEVER ENDS! It’s a massive transition, and sometimes a scary one too. You are not alone! Having a place where you feel supported, heard, understood, seen and validated can make this transition a little smoother and less confusing. Schedule an appointment and learn how to understand your experience, uncover your strengths, gain coping skills, increase self-esteem, and have the courage to explore who you are and what you want in life. Let’s work together to create a dialogue surrounding your journey into self-discovery.

Parenting a teen is tough, too. Watching them struggle, wanting to help but not knowing how, and witnessing a very normal developmental stage unfold as they become more interested in their social life rather than being at home can be a difficult adjustment. As they explore their place in the world, it can leave parents feeling powerless or frustrated over their teen’s behaviors. You are not alone, parents! Therapy can help your teen to develop a better understanding of the changes they are experiencing, learn more effective ways of communication, and help to reduce conflict to improve relationships and self-esteem. If you feel your teen could benefit from a nonjudgmental space to explore the ever changing moods/experiences/interests, please reach out and let’s chat about ways we can work together to help your teen through this challenging life phase. I look forward to the opportunity to share your teen’s journey into adulthood.

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