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Valerie Traynham, LPCC, SEP

The Healing Hut Counseling Center
1132 Beaumont Avenue Suite 106
Beaumont, Ca 92223
(951) 233-4499

Why Therapy?

Being human is hard work! With it comes many challenging emotions: overwhelm, frustration, helplessness... just to name a few.  Navigating the stressors of life can take it's toll on your tired soul. I'm here to tell you that you are not alone on this journey. Let's work together to unleash the authentic, peaceful YOU that's been repressed in the chaos of life.


Uncomfortable feelings such as depression, anxiety, anger, and irritability are a normal part of the human experience. What gets in our way is how we REACT to these feelings... here's where I can help. I offer a non judgemental approach in expanding awareness by creating opportunities for choice, while exploring your authenticity to support resiliency. You have the tools within you to heal, my role is to help you uncover that beautiful wisdom. Do not hesitate to step into your power and live a life filled with compassion, awareness, contentment, and loving relationships with yourself and others. If you feel called to look inward, please reach out. I am so excited to connect with you.



Hi, I’m Valerie

Dear Soul: you are not broken, just pained from contending with this pilgrimage we call life! It’s hard, rugged, and filled with unexpected twists and turns. The good news? You don’t have to venture it alone. If you’re ready to tend to those wounds and change the course of your direction; advancing toward a journey filled with hope, courage, bravery, and healing, do not hesitate to reach out. Please allow me the honor of accompanying you on an exploration toward your truer, deeper, and more revitalized self.




I am passionate about helping individuals transform their lives. Lets work together to achieve mental wellness and improve your quality of life.

Are your fight, flight or freeze responses on overdrive? Using Somatic Experiencing (SE), we will teach your nervous system how to move through survival so you can learn how to thrive.

 Has life got you down? Feeling listless, bored, unmotivated? Let's work together to tackle barriers and rebuild your sense of empowerment.

Are you experiencing racing thoughts? Restlessness? Feeling like you're stuck"on?" Together we will uncover the root of your worries to navigate anxiety and improve your overall well-being.

Free phone consultation

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Together we will create a space to overcome obstacles, start living in the present, and encourage peace within.

I offer a free 20 minute telephone consultation to understand your need and answer any questions you may have about how I support your healing journey. If you feel called to make a connection, please reach out             (951) 233-4499. 

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